Designed in 2008 while at Rockwell Group. This Nobu restaurant is located on the top floor of Crocus luxury retail building in historic central Moscow.  The challenge was to have an inviting, luxurious, and sensual entry corridor which was resolved with curvy and playful walnut arches against a gold leaf wall and ceiling surrounding the visitor leading to a very warm and intimate elevator lobby, building expectation for the rest of the experience on the fourth floor. 
 Designed in 2009 while at Clodagh, this 8,757 sqft landmarked townhouse, once home to famed American composer John Philip Sousa, is located in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City.    
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 Designed in 2012, this project is the first spa Kiosk located in the middle of a concourse.   Without prior references this was definitely an exciting challenge to be placed in the middle of the hustle and bustle of an airport. Surrounded by all the commotion, it was imperative to create a quiet, calming, interior space without enclosing it.  It also had to be completely off the grid, which made installation easy.